Bound Angle

Yoga Basics: How to Do the Bound Angle Pose, the Easy Way

If you have ever taken ballet when you are little, you are probably familiar with this yoga pose called Baddha Konasana. This is a seated posture pose most commonly known as the bound angle pose. This yoga pose has been called by many names such as cobblers pose or butterfly pose.

Benefits of Bound Angle Pose

This yoga poses increases flexibility in the hips and the groin area. It also stretches your back, without straining your hamstring muscles, and it stimulates your internal organs. It lengthens the spine and stimulates the reproductive, nervous and respiratory organs.


Any chronic hip or knee injury or inflammation should be assessed first before assuming this pose.

Steps in Doing the Bound Angle Pose

Assume a seated position and draw the right heel in followed by the left heel in. Bring the soles of the feet together. If you want to lift the hips, you can use a folded blanket, block, bolster, pillow or a book, depending on your preference. Take your thumbs in the arches of your feet and give your soul a little massage. Giving yourself a little of stimulation in the arches of your feet while doing sustained breaths, increases circulation and provides ease in movement.

Put your fingertips on the floor behind your back and lift your tailor or sit bone up, bringing your pelvis as close to your heels as possible. Make sure you feel comfortable as you assume this position. Any pain or discomfort that is felt can be relieved by pinching your toes forward.
Softening your groin, interlace your fingertips and bring them around your toes. Same thing as you do in the Sukhansana, just come into the pose by rounding your chin to your chest, breathing into the back, feeling the skin of the back stretch while the elbows go out left to right. From this foundation, which is touching the earth or the floor, move your head slowly facing the front, coming into this famous bound angle pose.

Rather than pressing the knees down, think about drawing the tops of the thighs out. This is external rotation of the top of the thighs. There is a sweet waterfall from the quads melting down, opening your limbs.

Deeper Stretch

If you want a deeper stretch in the groin, you can take your middle fingers, index fingers and thumbs and interlace them around your big toes. Bring your elbows left to right while finding that nice long line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. You may even want to draw your navel in towards your spine while the top of your thighs are actively going down and opening your feet like a book. Take a nice and sustained inhalation while bending the elbow left to right, coming forward.

Rather than allowing your spine to round now, set your intentions to keep a nice and flat back. As the top of the thighs actively drawing down, inhale in and exhale while coming forward. This is five to ten breaths while moving forward. After about five to ten breaths, you can release.

Special Considerations

If you feel that you are compromising anything while doing the bound angle pose, especially your breath, it is always a good idea to ease up, take some time, and don’t rush into doing the next step.

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