Camel Pose

How to Strike a Camel Pose

The camel pose is originally known with the name Ustrasana. Before actually being able to perform this pose, there are things that need to be considered even before starting. Even though, the name may give a hint that it is a simple pose that you can carry out well, this might turn out to be challenging if you typically spend your entire day sitting down at work. Therefore, the first thing that you need to remember here is to make sure that you just take it slow.

How the Camel Pose is Carried Out

First, you can start by kneeling on the floor. The thighs should be straight up while your knees are apart by hip width. Then, you can turn your thighs slightly in while narrowing the hips. Do this process in a firm yet soft manner on your bottom. You can also imagine that you are pulling over your sitting bones towards your body. Your shins, as well as the upper part of your feet, should be placed against the floor.

Next, your hands should be placed on your bottom, while the palm based should be placed on top of your bottom. You fingers should be on the floor faced down. Pull in your tail forward, while making sure that your pelvis does not move it. In order to avoid doing so, you can press back your thighs. At the same time, you can lift your heart while you inhale by means of pressing your shoulder blades against your back.

Then, you can lean your back against your shoulder and tail bone. This will leave your head in a way that your chin is close to your chest. If you consider yourself a newbie in the camel pose, this position should be your basic. You may also alternately lower your hands down to your feet. If there is a need, you may also lower down a hand, while twisting your body slightly. When back to the straight position, you can start lowering down the other hand. If you feel compression on your back, lift your heels by means of turning toes beneath.

Your lower ribs should not stick out. This condition may cause your back to compress, and harden your belly. You may lift your front ribs to your pelvis, and then lifting your back ribs against the pelvis. This will lengthen your lower back. Then, your hands should be pressed against your feet soles with the use of your palm base, squeezing your should blades. You may leave your head down in a position that is neutral, or perhaps dropping it back. Still, make sure that you become careful in order to avoid straining your neck. The camel pose can help in stretching the front of your body while strengthening your lower back.

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