Crescent Lunge

This stretches the groin by doing so it helps loosen tight hips. It also helps strengthen legs and arms.

For this pose again start on your hands and knees, while in this position step your right foot forward so its between your hands similar to as if you were doing a lunge. Keep your right knee above your heel, inhale while slowly and carefully lifting your back knee off the floor. Push your back heel back while trying to straighten your leg at the same time. Try to keep your spine as long and straight as possible while you hold the position and while you breathe. Hold the position for a minute and then repeat.

Why it’s good for you:

Tight hips can lead to knee strain, cause lower back pain or further injuries. This is a pre workout routine to help open the hips.
This pose is said to also strengthen the quadriceps and gluteus muscles, stretch the psoas and hips, relieve sciatica pain, as well as develop stamina and endurance in your thighs.
Be very cautious in doing this pose if you have high blood pressure, knee injuries, shoulder problems, and neck and spinal injuries.
You can further modify this pose by placing a soft foam block or pillow under the back knee for cushioning, do not raise the arms overhead if you have a should or back injury. Keep your eye gaze downward or forwards if you have a neck injury, and to test your balance try this pose with your eyes closed.

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