Downward Dog Split Pose

How to Execute the Downward Dog Split Pose

The downward dog split pose is one of the most popular and recognizable yoga poses in existence today. The pose goes by multiple names including the three-legged downward facing dog pose; the one-legged downward facing dog and the downward facing dog split among others. Even yoga instructors will have different names for it. The main factor used to recognize the pose is the lifting of one leg while executing the normal downward dog pose. Below we will look at how to execute this pose to perfection and hence gain its multiple benefits.

Steps in Executing the Downward Dog Pose

1. The pose begins with the execution of the normal downward dog pose. This is where we build on from.
2. Inhale and raise the right foot off the ground, moving it up from behind.
3. With your hips perfectly squared with the floor, keep them level with each other as you lift the right leg up.
4. While you do this, try to distribute an equal amount of weight in both your arms. This can be achieved by spreading your fingers wide and pressing firmly through the palms and knuckles too.
5. Hold the pose with your hips squared to the ground for a few breaths before proceeding on to stack your right hip over the left one. This is done by bending the right knee slightly and then lifting it up higher and then subsequently tilting your pelvis to allow the right hip to be drawn upwards. You can also further increase the stretching by moving the foot across your back as if trying to touch the opposite ear with your foot. It is important to avoid tilting your torso with the lifting motion.
6. Hold this position for a few breaths before straitening the leg and requiring your hips with the floor. Finally, drop the foot back to the floor and then repeat the procedure with the left foot.

Useful Tips in Perfectly Executing the Downward Facing dog Split

The downward facing dog split pose relies on the downward facing dog pose as its foundation. It is, therefore, important to have mastered the same before trying the raised leg variation.

On the other hand, the three-legged downward dog can also be used as a foundation pose for a variety of other yoga poses and its perfect execution is, therefore, very important.

It is important for beginners to understand that the most important part of this pose is not how high the leg goes but keeping the hips squared to the floor. Also, the standing heel does not always have to be in contact with the ground for perfect execution of the pose but with practice this will ultimately be achieved.

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