Get Flat and Toned Abs

Get Flat and Toned Abs and Lower Belly Doing Yoga

Lifting weighting and going to the gym is actually not the safest way to get a flat and tones abs. It can lead you to having back pain, weaker spinal column and decrease flexibility. But yoga has found a way for you to get the abs that you desire without causing negative effects on your body. Yoga routines do not only focus on your abs, but it focuses on the full set of your abdominal including the belly.

Try some of these yoga poses for a better and healthier abs and lower belly. Furthermore, these poses decrease back pain and strengthen the lumbar spine.

Basic Crunch

There is still power on the popular crunches to get that wonderful abs and lower belly. But the secret is to mix it with other poses, and not focus on just one. To do this, lie on the floor with the legs positioned upwards. The shoulders should be slightly off the floor too. Start moving your knees in back and forth direction towards your chest while constantly lifting the upper body to an angle of 30 degrees. Relax and breathe normally. The pose promotes abdominal contraction for a toner abs.


This is one of the common yoga poses, but most effective in tightening the abs and lower belly. The first thing to do is lie with your back flat on the floor. Then raise the legs and upper body to an angle of 30 degrees. You need to hold on and maintain the posture for 30-40 seconds. Once you complete the time, relax for a bit and repeat the pose for several times. Increasing the frequency and doing the pose all over again tightens and contracts the abs and lower belly.

Side Plank

You need to target your side abs too so it will be balanced with the front. Side plank is for the oblique muscles. The pose goes like this, lie sideways on the floor and let the elbow support your body above the ground. You need to lift your body sideways getting support from the legs and elbow and maintain for a few seconds. You will feel your side abs stretching and working out as you repeat the pose. Do not make any bends and arches with this pose.


Bridging effectively stretches the whole abdominal section of your body. Moreover, it gives it strength and endurance to carry your weight. Lie with the chest facing the floor while positioning the hands on both sides resting and relaxed. Both of your feet should be flat on the floor, keep your shoulders apart and slightly bend your knees. Once you’re ready, contract the abdominal while lowering your back and guts. You will feel that your midsection is lifting up that forms a bridge from the knees towards your shoulders. Keep the position for a few seconds ad slowly lower it down, and then repeat.

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