Half Moon

Use Half Moon to Balance Your Mind and Body

The Half Moon pose derives its name after the moon and is also known as Ardha Chandrasana (The standing balance). The Half Moon poses taps into the balance created by the moon’s energy and the sun’s fiery force. When you participate in this pose, it is possible to discover the great force generated by two opposing energies. The Half Moon is characteristically known by two opposing movements taking place simultaneously.

What Happens During Half Moon Pose?

With your head facing towards the ground, you should lift one leg from the ground and remain standing on one leg. While this is going on, the raised leg should be extended into the space. The rooting down towards the earth and extending the leg enables you to find the power required to balance and keep your spine and torso midair.

To have a successful Half Moon Pose, opposing energies have to be combined to effectively work together and achieving this requires proper coordination. The speed of straightening the standing leg and raising the lifted leg should be the same to achieve a perfect balance. It is essential to master and practice both rising and descending in both directions. The ultimate aim of the pose is to be suspended in the air and feel at ease when you press down and reach out. At this point, you should focus on whether you can free your chest and without losing stability, turn your trunk open.

Benefits of the Half Moon Pose

When you practice Half Moon Pose, you are able to master coordination and grasp how various actions in your body rely on each other. This pose trains you to successfully go through various challenges while remaining focused and balanced. If you’re keen on having stronger legs and open hips, the Half Moon Pose is your solution. This exercise is beneficial for people who suffer from postural imbalances because one leg is dominant and significantly stronger than the other. Getting used to stand on one leg at a time allows both legs to have the same level of strength.

It’s worth mentioning that during Half Moon Pose, you should hold the image of the moon and facilitate the coolness associated with its rays to keep your mind cool, steady and calm. The moon’s soothing energy plays an important role just like the sun’s heat and light. Yoga practice is critical in your everyday life because it not only improves your health but also, helps to keep your mind calm and relaxed. Half Moon Pose is highly beneficial especially if is done the correct way. So, if you are not sure how to practice Half Moon Pose, do your research and follow the steps and guidelines given.

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