Hips (Cow Pose) Basics

The Sanskrit name of the Hips (Cow Pose) is Gomukhasana. This is advisable for intermediate yoga practitioners. The primary benefit of this pose is that it can deeply open your knee joints and hips, thus stimulating digestion, as well as proper development of your reproductive system. Stay away from this pose if you have had recent hip or knee injury, as well as inflammation.

How to Perform the Hips (Cow Pose)

As a word of caution, this pose is quite challenging for people who have tight shoulders, or those who are unable to hook fingers together. One easy solution to this problem is holding a strap in between your hands. Then, you can start the pose from this basic position. A strap should be draped over your shoulder through the bottom arm.

Then, as you go on swimming the lower arm behind the back, you can slide your forearm to a level where it reaches your back torso. While doing this, keep in mind that your elbow is close to your side. Afterwards, you can grab the edge of the strap, pulling with your top arm. If you are more flexible on your shoulders, you can stretch on further. This can be done by moving hands away from your torso back.

Hips (Cow Pose) Beginner’s Tip

Oftentimes, beginners find it quite challenging to get both of their sitting bones to rest evenly on the floor. This can also make it challenging for the knees to evenly sit on top of each other. When the pelvis becomes tilted, and the spine cannot extend properly, you may choose using a folded bolster or blanket that can lift your sitting bones from the floor. This will enable them to be evenly supported.

At the same time, aside from trusting a strap to complete Hips (Cow Pose); you may also work with a partner. A partner may be able to assist you in stretching further with your back on the top arm. Your partner may stand behind you while you are doing the pose. Then your partner’s left hand may be placed at the back of your upper left arm, gently pulling it back while pressing your partner’s right hand against your own left shoulder.

If you feel that you are unable to complete this pose for whatever reason it may be, you can perform a variation of this pose. This can start with the full pose, and then you lean forward while laying your front torso to your inner upper thigh. Work under this position for about 20 seconds before you inhale while coming up. Eventually, you may deepen your pose by making sure that your hands are away from your torso back.

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