Love Handles

How a Side Plank Pose in Yoga Helps in Losing Love Handles

Do you have some problem areas in your body, particularly the love handles? Do you have the motivation to work hard in order to remove them? If you do, why not try the side plank pose in yoga? Well, you have the option to either do this yoga pose at a gym or home. What is this pose all about?

What You Need to Know

The Sanskrit name of the side plank pose is Vasisth asana. It can be performed even by beginners, as long as you do not have serious elbow, wrist or shoulder injuries. If you are a beginner, you may have difficulty when it comes to sustaining the pose, even when your soles are pressed to the well. What you can do is to perform the pose for Adho Mukha Svanasana using your heels that are positioned up on the wall. Then, you can measure the gap between your right hand and right foot. Next, you step halfway to your hand. The right foot should stay on the floor for support while turning your toes to the right.

To start the side plank pose, you can work on the Adho Mukha Svanasana as your starting pose. Then, shift to the outer edge of the left foot, stacking your right foot above the left. Then, start swinging your right hand to your right hip while turning your torso to the right, supporting your body’s weight. The hand you use for supporting should not be directly below your shoulder. If it is, you may slightly position your hand in front of your shoulder. This will make the supporting arm angled on the floor. Stretch your thighs, pressing through your helps to the floor. Your pose should look like a long diagonal line from your crown to the heels.

Maintain this position for about 15 to 30 seconds, and then go back to your starting pose. This pose can help strengthen your legs, belly and arms, strengthens and stretches your wrists, as well as the back of your legs. This can improve your sense of balance. There are other variations of this pose, so if you want to learn, you may also check for information online or watch videos that teach how to do this pose. You may even use some props during the entire procedure in order to enhance the output of the pose. Take note of the starting and ending pose needed to complete this pose. Doing this regularly, combined with other poses can help you in getting rid of that crazy love handles that you desperately want to eliminate. Yoga can be the solution to your problem.

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