Exercise your Brain and Body through Meditation

One area that yoga wants to change for the better is the conscious mind. Yoga exercises target the mindset to have a full focus without getting distracted easily. Yoga does this in the form of meditation, which is often the cool down routine during yoga sessions. Mantras are cited that makes the person relaxed, focus and undistracted.

Chinese and Indians have been practicing yoga for a long time, and they often relate meditation with religious and spiritual beliefs. At first, they use meditation to pray and wish for their betterment. But today, meditation is associated with removing stress and lessening illnesses.

There was a study in Harvard released last year that proves how yoga with meditation affects genes and brain activity. The brain area is about managing chronic stress, while the genes alter body systems that increase immunity against illness. By performing year long experiments with the use of advance equipments, they have found out that meditation does not only affect the brain but the whole body as well.

The study led many people in the medical field to consider adding yoga and meditation to treat patients in clinics. Stress-induced health problems such as hypertension, depression, infertility, stroke and including the aging process may be prevented with the help of this practice.

The first thing to do is perform stretching exercises and yoga poses that make you feel in control of your mind and body. As you move on and end the routine, do the meditation and feel like you have utmost control over your own life, and there is nothing in this world that can hinder you from achieving your goals. Close your eyes and focus your energy on the center of your body in the spine area. Maintain complete silence, physical and mental, for a few minutes. When you are ready to end the meditation, open your eyes and feel the changes occurring in your body. Yogis claim that you will feel the energy rising from your whole body to your head. You will reach the highest state of awareness.

As you regularly do this routine, you will achieve a full self-realization, and you can fully take control of anything in your life. The conscious mind will always coordinate well with the body, and you can give more focus on things that matter.

It would be better to perform yoga and meditation daily to achieve your desired well-being. This allows yourself to develop more of what you can do and have a firm grip that you will succeed in your goal. Meditation also lets you explore yourself if you are still unsure of what you want to do in your life. Find your consciousness within and be the best you with the help of meditation.

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