Strong Back

Yoga Basics: Yoga Pose for a Strong Back (Locust Pose)

The Salabhasana or otherwise known as the locust pose serves a lot of purposes, especially regarding problems of the lower back. Salabhasana is used to promote a strong back (Locust Pose). It is important, however, to assess the discomfort that you are feeling in your back, and if severe, it is advisable to seek the help of your physician.


Locust pose ease lower back pain, discomfort and fatigue. It promotes physical strength and inner strength. The locust pose also strengthens the entire back and stretches the torso. It is good for indigestion, constipation and great for relieving exhaustion.


Severe injury to the lower and upper back, spinal torsion and twisting that result to the injury of the spinal column as well as severe, sharp and excruciating pain that may be described as unrelenting, warrants the attention of your physician.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Start by lying on your stomach. Put your chin on the floor, make sure that it’s not the underneath portion of your chin that is resting in the floor, but rather, the anterior portion of your chin. Bring your arms to your sides next to the body, palms facing up and your feet slightly apart.

Ground the legs by pressing the toes down and pull up along the front of your legs, so your knees and thighs lift up a bit. From the hips, push back through the heels, in doing this, you can feel the pelvis tilt a little, the navel draws in and the pubic bone draws down. Keep the lower body stable and lift your shoulders up while inhaling. Remember not to jolt your head back, and instead, lift with the back of your neck. You can also lift your arms up. Draw the arms into the shoulder blades without the shoulders lifting up. Keep breathing while assuming this position with your legs active, and then slowly coming down with your chin resting on the mat. You can rest for a moment, and you can put your head on one side, breathing in and out.

Repeat the process by pulling up the legs with toe nails on the floor. What you don’t want is for the heels to move together. What we aim for is for your toes to move together, especially if you lift the legs. Pull your head and your body up as you inhale. Lift your legs up with big toes moving towards each other. Make sure that you are lifting your inner thighs and then extend from your hips out to your feet. Lift your arms up and bring your upper body down, keeping the legs lifted. Keep lifting the inner thighs. You can stay in this position for 30 seconds, and then release.


Promotion of a strong back (Locust Pose) is essential for a healthy spine and upper body. It is also great in optimal lung ventilation as well as relaxation. Keep in mind that gentle and slow execution of movement helps your body warm up and adjust to the yoga pose.

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