A Trend of Fad

Yoga: Is it A Trend or Fad?

Yoga has been around for a long time and yet there are still people who think that it is just a trend or fad. It might look that way for a lot of gym goers who suddenly see yoga classes being offered in the location but don’t tell that to long-time practitioners.

Yoga comes from ancient India more than 5,000 years ago. It might have been a trend or fad then, but it is definitely no longer one today. It involves several techniques that integrate the mind, body, and spirit to allow a person achieve flexibility and strength. Regular practice of yoga promotes health, happiness, and calmness.

A lot of people are skeptical about how physical and mental trainings can change one’s life for the better. And yet practitioners attest that yoga allows them to become healthier, stronger, more mentally stable, and more flexible. It provides a lot of benefits to everyone who regularly practices it. Yoga is more than just a trend or a fad. It is a lifestyle that lets people join their minds and bodies reach the highest level of harmony.

Many people still don’t know what yoga is about. When they hear the word, the first thing that comes in their minds is a woman doing impossible poses. While it is true that stretching is part of the practice, it is just a measly portion of it. In order to fully benefit from yoga, a person must be able to study all sectors in harmony. Meditation promotes a more positive attitude, while exercises strengthen one’s body.

There are many reasons why people love doing yoga. Some want to improve their flexibility while others try to use the practice to manage their stress. The benefits of yoga are limitless. A practitioner enjoys better immune system and improved mental balance. It also strengthens one’s cardiovascular system.

Is yoga a trend or a fad? Well, consider that a Wall Street Journal poll showed 23 percent of Americans said they often do yoga, meditation and other stress relieving exercises. Yoga classes are offered in most Fortune 500 companies on-site. Medical doctors are prescribing yoga to patients with asthma and heart disease. The practice is also covered by major media outlets for years.

If yoga is just a trend or fad, then it might be the longest one that the world has ever seen. Whether you practice it or not, yoga is here to stay. It has managed to survive for more than 5,000 years as one generation of yogis passes on their knowledge to the next one. It might be perceived as a fad by some, but it is definitely not one to the real students of the practice.

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