Yamas Yoga

What You Should Know About the Yamas Yoga

Yoga is practiced in different styles and techniques usually based on its founder. Yamas Yoga teaches the right way of living by practicing ethical, moral, societal rules in the form of yoga. Every rules and actions are expressed positively in order to describe the right behavior to reach purest state of one. Yamas yoga is one of the most important techniques that lead a person to have a conscious, honest, and ethical way of living.

There are five basics of Yamas yoga. When you practice these five areas, you can achieve full self-awareness to remove negative energy and maintain a high sense of peace. Here are the five Yamas of yoga that you can start practicing today. It must be practiced in order considering the one in addition to the new Yamas.


This is the practice of no-violence in all aspects including mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional violence towards self and others. People create violence even in a simple reaction that they do, and this causes irritation, anger, judgment, and criticism. In yoga, people are through to be compassionate about things. And that we have to learn to accept things, events and happenings as it is. You need to have an open heart and mind to stay positive even in the worst situations. Replace negative emotions with acceptance, love and kindness. This may be difficult to master, but it would be worth it to achieve this kind of mindset.


Satya practices truthfulness and honesty. Everyone is encouraged to speak only of the truth and reality of what happened, and not how we like things to be. You need to consider Ahimsa and refrain from committing violence even when you’re telling the truth. In that scenario, it is better not to say anything at all rather than commit violence towards another person.


Stealing is strictly prohibited. A person needs to get the approval first prior to doing and taking something. Asteya also practices generosity towards others to prevent theft actions, and overcome greed. When something is not freely given to you, seek for a sign of approval first in the mind, word and action.


This means that a person should turn the mind in the center of all things to balance and control the senses in order to achieve total freedom by being independent and satisfied. Brahmacharya practices the negligence of pleasure because one can get inner joy from being satisfied with what he/she has. The best way to do this is practice moderation in all activities you perform.


People should have no sense of possession. You need to let go of things that are not of use to you. Being possessive can turn a person into committing greed that leads one to forget his/her true self. Everything in this world is created for our use, but never for the humans to own and possess. In Yamas yoga, yogis are thought that things should be of good use to every person without holding emotional attachment to it. We need to open for new things and let off the ones with no use to create balance and harmony.

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