Yoga Backlash

Why Critics Believe Yoga is not Good

The number of people participating in Yoga has increased in the recent times. Several health benefits associated with the practice is perhaps the main reason the society has paid keen attention to yoga meditation. Nowadays, yoga classes are practically found everywhere; in gyms, schools, medical establishments and individuals who take their yoga classes at home. In as much as a lot of people experience positive change, some sections of society are against the practice and feel it causes more harm than good. The backlash against yoga seems to have increased in the recent times with critics arguing there are definite risks associated with yoga.

Reasons for Yoga Backlash

Most public and private schools have yoga programs for students with the aim of teaching them the value of self-discipline and how to live a fruitful and healthy life. However, parents feel that the practice has exposed children to foreign religious practices that are not in line with Christian doctrines. Some parents have argued that yoga motions salute the sun’s supremacy and power which is equivalent to worshiping the sun.

In light of these developments, a section of parents has forcefully pulled their children out of yoga classes because of contradictory religious beliefs. Parents have complained that their kids are subjected to unnecessary physical and emotional stress because of yoga. On the other hand, it is believed that yoga meditation as been over exaggerated as the best form of exercise at the expense of other useful co-curricular activities that enhance child growth and personal development.

Yoga is a popular meditation exercise and, as a result, a number of schools have opened their doors to clients. Concerns have been raised particularly regarding the qualifications of yoga instructors some of whom are not well qualified and certified to conduct yoga classes. Mushrooming yoga instructional facilities have casted doubt on the level of training, skills and experience of yoga trainers. It is believed that the full benefits and value of yoga cannot be attained if individuals attend classes conducted by unqualified instructors. Critics base their argument on the latest research statistics which have indicated the level of expertise of many yoga trainers is questionable.

A lot of people resort to yoga ultimately to improve body health and ensure wellness of the mind. Yoga backlash is centered on the fact that using unqualified yoga instructors exposes people to a myriad of health complications. Some people who engage in yoga meditation have suffered from several injuries such as muscles cramps, sprains and fractures. Critics believe that health benefits associated with this meditation have been exaggerated, and the side effects of yoga are intentionally never shared with the public to enable people make informed decisions.

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