Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids: A Good Way to Have your Children Started

When we think of yoga and other forms of exercise routines, we are often blinded by the belief that it is just for adults. Nonetheless, it is important to note how they can be good for kids as well. They will deliver the same benefits as they do with adults, but the difference would lie on the intensity of the routines. Of course, children will not be able to handle complicated yoga poses, which is why it is important to teach them how it is properly done. It is also critical to make their yoga session kid-friendly, which is a good way to provide them with motivation.

Motivating Kids to Try Yoga

In the same way as it is hard to motivate adults to try yoga, it is also hard to convince kids to give children’s yoga a shot. While it is challenging for parents to make their children attracted to yoga, there are some things that can prove to be helpful. According to experts, the right age to introduce your kids to yoga is five years old. To have them motivated, consider doing yoga session together, which will be a good way to bond with each other. You should also acknowledge the efforts of your kids and have them rewarded for successfully completing a yoga pose you are teaching. It will also help if you can enroll them in children’s yoga classes, which they can possibly enjoy since they are going to do it with other kids and under the supervision of someone who knows how to encourage kids to love yoga.

Benefits of Children’s Yoga

Among other things, children’s yoga can be beneficial because of its ability to strengthen mind and body connection, similar to what it can do with adults. This allows them to have an effective exercise for their physical health, while also being able to calm their mental spirit. In fact, in one study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders in 2004, it has been revealed how yoga is effective in maintaining physical and mental discipline of the kids who are doing so. Specifically, children’s yoga is suggested for those who are hyperactive as calm them down.
More so, children’s yoga is also beneficial because it helps in the development of concentration and focus, as well as balance and coordination. If you have tried yoga in the past, you will surely agree with all of these claims. Children who are trying yoga will have a clearer mind and will develop the ability to be focused in a specific task. It also teaches kids to use their muscles in different ways through the poses they make.

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